Wednesday, June 11, 2014

YouPic comment spam on Google+

I'm becoming enervated by these spams-comments added on all new posts in various photo-groups on Google+:

Do you have You Pic account to showcase and explore it more?

Multiple accounts do this, but there are no links, just text. I guess they're afraid Google+ will put on a blacklist if they linked it.


They have recently altered the spam-text to:

"Superior photography, do you showcase this on the webpage YouPic ?"

No I don't, and I won't. Ever. Please go die in a fire. Seriously.


The spammers have altered their tactics. Payload now contains a link to YouPic's Google Plus page, and the text is more random.

Beautiful Photography, want to know how much likes you got ?[…]/videos

Good Photography, want to know your comments,[…]/videos

creative click, want to know your public likes,[…]/videos

Beautiful...why can't you connect with our community...[…]/videos


I'm not the only one who has reacted to YouPic's shoddy business practices:

Stay away from YouPic!

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