Monday, February 18, 2008

Another dead-tree spam

Received another dead-tree spam in the mail today. Pity the poor trees who give their lives for the thieving, moneygrubbing bastards who send out this trash...

Oh, yeah.. The offender: partypo(r) Another poker-site that will never get to see any of my money.

Once in a lifetime opportunity... – Oh, yeah? To get to poke you with a red-hot branding-iron? Sign me up. No? Forget about it then...

Dear <name>,

You are a WINNER! – And you are all losers. Stop bugging me about it.

A seat in a REAL MONEY $20,000 tournament absolutely FREE* – ..only your SOUL!

...and a lot of marketing bullshit followed. Bah..

The return address on the back of the envelope was:
TIPH, 32-33 Clipper Boulevard East, Edison's Park, Dartford, UK, DA2 6QB.

Go die already...

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