Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Electronic Arts in Hostile Bid to Acquire Take Two

Entertainment software giant Electronic Arts announced Feb. 24 that it was seeking to merge with GTA publisher Take Two Interactive in what would be a two billion dollar deal.

– Oh, crap...

Take Two Interactive released a response to Electronic Arts’ hostile takeover bid, where the board confirmed EA’s offer and pronounced it "inadequate in multiple respects and not in the best interests of Take-Two’s stockholders."– Yay! Go Take-Two!

Monday, February 18, 2008

Another dead-tree spam

Received another dead-tree spam in the mail today. Pity the poor trees who give their lives for the thieving, moneygrubbing bastards who send out this trash...

Oh, yeah.. The offender: partypo(r) Another poker-site that will never get to see any of my money.

Once in a lifetime opportunity... – Oh, yeah? To get to poke you with a red-hot branding-iron? Sign me up. No? Forget about it then...

Dear <name>,

You are a WINNER! – And you are all losers. Stop bugging me about it.

A seat in a REAL MONEY $20,000 tournament absolutely FREE* – ..only your SOUL!

...and a lot of marketing bullshit followed. Bah..

The return address on the back of the envelope was:
TIPH, 32-33 Clipper Boulevard East, Edison's Park, Dartford, UK, DA2 6QB.

Go die already...