Friday, December 21, 2007

Fuck and the spamming little twats can go fuck themselves with their little "game". It's not even a fucking game, it's just a bloody hit-counter. But these little twats think it's fucking great and run around spamming their little "cities" on every fucking venue possible.

FUCK, their creators, and the imbesiles that play their lame excuse for a "game". TWATS!

I hope they all step on a rusty nail, get tetanus, and die.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Blog-post of interest - games-pro spam, Yahoo and Google “Feeling Lucky”

Quote from games-pro spam, Yahoo and Google “Feeling Lucky”:

A quantity of Yahoo webmail spam kindly deposited its self in one of our many millions of spamtraps, DKIM signed, SPF passed Etc, Etc. Inside it was a link to a “feeling lucky” link c/o rival search giant Google.
Abused Search Host:
Search Function: search?q=
Search Feature Text in the URL: inurl:games-pro
Search Feature Text int he page: intext: won1 million megabet from casino online
Search Invisible Redirect Feature: btnI=Lucky
If you put this lot back together you’ll get an invisible redirect (302) to casino-games-pro that’ll try and auto-install the CasOnline PUP. Charming.
I’d like to point out here that if you try to send a spammy link out via yahoo webmail they captcha test the sender. (but they also did that when the accounts were setup, right?) The trick here is the fact that there is nothing spammy about a search link. I have no doubt that /btnl=Lucky/ will be hitting the filters at Yahoos webmail HQ very shortly if it hasn’t already.