Wednesday, March 21, 2007

List of YouTube chain letters

This is an attempt to list all the different chain letters that seems to overflow YouTube at the moment:

In 1945, a young girl named katu lata kulu came over to America in a grey boat from Africa. A mysterious man killed her by cutting the word "LATUALATUKA" into her back. now that you have read this message, she will come to your house on a full moon and steal your soul unless you follow these directions:

1. Retype this message as a comment for 3 other videos

1876, a young girl named Jenn was walking down a river, an insane man killed her by stabbing her in the back, raping her, and then hanging her in his closet. While he hanged her he said Bukakke Bukkake.
Now that you have read this message, she will find you and her dead body will haunt your house for 5 years. Every night you go to sleep she will appear in your closet, hanging their with her glowing red eyes.
repost 3 times to be saved

Because you have opened this... you will get kissed on the nearest possible Friday by the love of your life... if you don't break the chain. Tomorrow will be the best day of your life. However, if you don't send this to at least 10 people by the stroke of midnight tonight you will be forever cursed in love. Just copy and paste this.. Good Luck!

PLEASE DON'T READ THIS. You will get kissed on the nearest possible Friday by the love of your life. Tomorrow will be the best day of your life. However, if you don't post this comment to at least 3 videos, you will die within 2 days. Copy and paste this, to be saved

this is a true thing that happens! its not a chain letter! its kinda scary at first but it really works!! paste this message into 3 comments and press ALT F4 and your crushes name will appear on the screen!!! its soo wierd!

There are 20 angels in this world
10 are sleeping
9 are playing
1 is reading this

put this on 4 video comments within 15 mins,if u do, sum one u love will surprise u sum how!! If u don't , u will lose ur love.!!

Read on if you consider yourself brave: As of now if you stop reading it does you no good even this line bears the same consequence.
I wish the death of a family member. I curse myself. The number five counteracts the curse. Someone that I love will die in twenty-four hours unless I repost this letter 5 times. If I fail to do so the curse is on me and only I am to blame

IF YOU BELIEVE IN THE LORD THEN THIS WILL FREAK YOU OUT.SERIOUSLY. SIGN UP FOR FREE AT THIS LINK *w w w .bigchurch. com/go/g844208* (without spaces and *) and post this comment to just one video.Witness a miracle..

if you are or have read this comment then you are cursed for life. You will have a terrible life and never get married (if you are already married you will get divorced). Only way to undo this curse is if you comment 5 videos with this exact message

In 1342, a man sacrificed his life in the name of true love. Before he was beheaded, he yelled "Monholith deir mustzfah".

Now that you have read these holy words, you have 8 hours to repost this on 3 different videos, and you and the love of your dreams will find each other within 8 days. If you should fail, this offer will never be available again

Now, can you mindless YouTube-spamming, chain letter-posting idiots please go and die? Thanks.

YouTube chain letters

What's up with people posting chain-letters on YouTube? Do they really believe in them, or are they just doing it for the fun of it? And, what on earth can be fun about posting these inane messages? They all seem to have been written by fourteen-year-olds.