Thursday, June 15, 2006

Thinking by The Khin & Henriette

If you want a nice tune to listen to, why not try out Thinking by The Khin & Henriette?

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Friday, June 02, 2006

The Commodore 64 Tape Preservation Project

Ever head of The Commodore 64 Tape Preservation Project? Well you have now. Their goal is to preserve as much information as possible about every tape ever released for the Commodore 64. That includes the tape images, inlay scans, documentation, screen shots, information about publishers, developers and other relevant information. They aim to become THE site for accurate and complete documentation of Commodore 64 tapes and tape loaders.
If you are a Commodore 64-fan, or just generally interested in the 8-bit era, just visit The Commodore 64 Tape Preservation Project.

Peeping Tom on Late Night With Conan O'Brien

You can find the recording as a stream on YouTube, or for download at Bungle Fever's FTP-site.

Those on stage were:

  • Dan the Automator
  • Rob Swift
  • Dub Trio
  • Rahzel
  • Imani Coppola
  • Mike Patton

Peeping Tom

Mike Patton's new collaboration-project Peeping Tom is now (30. May 2006) out after four years in the making, with the appropriately titled album Peeping Tom. Considering Patton's other projects (if you leave out Faith No More and, to a small extent, Tomahawk) weren't what you might call "radio-friendly", this album has comparatively a serious chance of getting some airplay even on the most commercial of radio-stations. That's right. Patton's gone mainstream. OK... Not exactly. There are still many Patton-isms on this record, even though the outcome is what you (or more specifically, Mike Patton) could call pop(-ish).

Peeping Tom had their live debut on Late Night With Conan O'Brien 26. May 2006 with their single 'Mojo'.

Track list:

  1. Five Seconds
  2. Mojo
  3. Don't Even Trip
  4. Getaway
  5. Your Neighborhood Spaceman
  6. Kill the DJ
  7. Caipirinha
  8. Celebrity Death Match
  9. How U Feelin?
  10. Sucker
  11. We're Not Alone (Remix)